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    To whom it may concern.

    Under the heading Truck Eating Bridge in your "drivers roundtable" there is a long discussion regarding the bridge west of Clinton on County Road 13 (Bayfield Road). I am unable to comment on the forum and I would seldom make future comments, so I am not signing up for an account.

    I am sending this email to let you know, the bridge will officially open today after we completed construction (it was actually open last Friday at 5:30pm). The bridge is posted at 4.2m to allow legal height loads through. The road is now posted as a single lane through the structure and traffic heading west (out of Clinton) faces yield to oncoming traffic sign.

    The streets in Clinton require some navigation skills, since there is no real direct route to this bridge and some of the corners are quite tight. Please drive courteously in Clinton since the residents are not used to seeing trucks with roofs on them coming through under their own power. (not everyone is happy that there will be more truck traffic on their residential streets.)


    Mike Alcock
    Civil Engineering Technologist

    Corporation of the County of Huron
    Public Works Department
    1 Courthouse Square

    Goderich, Ontario

    Ph. (519) 524-8394 x 3243
    Cell (519) 525-3368
    Fax (519) 524-9291
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    I found that bridge a few years ago. I forget where I was coming from, Grand Bend I think, my trailer was a 12'6 but I had a flairing and my exhaust tip just above it, seen the signs all along the route and cant remember what the height was but I snuck under lower ones. Anyways finally got to it and stopped and tried to sneak under with the air ride lowered and son of a gun my exhaust tip wouldnt get under, so I backed up almost 100ft maybe and made a left turn which took me over the tracks and right beside my customer. They told me it was hit on a monthly basis and wondered why I didnt hit it. I dont know maybe it was the 25 signs I went by that clued me in, only reason I tried it was I had a low trailer , knew I was pushing my luck but. I don't understand how you can peel the top off a load, as there was many options before you get to it.
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    I wonder if some people just assumed since its a county road, it should be truck legal sizes. I don't know of any other county roads in Huron county where trucks would have issues like tearing a roof off, so its good that problem is finally fixed. It should have been done long ago.

    There is another low bridge on county rd 30 just north of Putnam ontario, I wonder if they will ever do the same to it.

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    good for Mike Alcock to take the time to notify that the situation is corrected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karhaulr View Post
    good for Mike Alcock to take the time to notify that the situation is corrected.
    He would have had to dig around to find us> a true civil servant he is!

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