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Thread: Am I P/O'd

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    Default Am I P/O'd

    Last week I was injured in a fall. Thinking it was minor sprains I took the rest of the day off and figured on returning the next day. The next morning swelling had started, I couldn't put any weight on my ankle and fearing I might have broken something I went to get it checked out.

    After a series of x-rays I was told "just sprains, stay off it a few days. We'll sign you off on light duty, no driving for 2 weeks".


    Monday I went in to hold a desk down. Yesterday I felt pretty good and made an appointment to get a medical release to allow me to go back out in the truck.

    I went today. Drove myself 25 miles, walked across a parking lot, climbed 2 flights of stairs and walked a hallway to see the Dr.

    First thing I got was a slap on the wrist because I wouldn't take painkillers. I don't take them, period!
    (all they do is mask the problem and you can't feel if you've pushed to far)

    Second slap was because I drove myself in my own car.

    Third slap was for not wearing the tensor bandages. (It's -10 outside. If I wore the bandages I couldn't get a sock or shoe on!)

    Then this Dr. proceeded the exam. Well, my ankle doesn't bend 90 degrees on a good day let alone after spraining it. When I about came out of the chair in pain from the over extension I heard "Oh, you can't do full duties like that!! We'll sign you off for another two weeks. No driving, minimal climbing, no walking."

    I want to go back driving, I'm perfectly capable of going doing my job. BUT I can't without the release. I'm caught in a catch 22 situation.

    Seems everyone is playing the system now except for the one that's caught in the middle.

    If I didn't think I was ready yet, I wouldn't have made the appointment in the first place. Then again, if I wasn't ready I'm sure someone down the line would have said I was and forced me back.

    Thank gawd my employer is understanding the problem I'm facing. In the mean time Queen B's aim is greatly improving. 3 for 3 today.
    You can't fix stupid

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    Double slap # 1 from me
    take the perscription & give it to me.

    Double slap #2 from me
    I could have sat shot gun for ya

    Double slap #3 from me
    You knew better

    It's cause I care.

    no sir I wasn't speeding, I was qualifying


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    Take your time Buzzy ---- things will improve

    Why is it that you can't live with a man but you are not allowed to shoot them ???

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    Just take it easy Buzzy. I don't think you'd want to be on one of them flat decks today anyways!!!

    I'm not perfect!-FLHT Ron 2010

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