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Thread: OPP Commissioner Fantino's reactionary changes

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    The news announcements by Comm. J. Fantino that the force will revert to black and white (cruisers) plus not publish holiday week end traffic safety blitzes speaks volumes about his bosses at Queens Park! Remember that what you see in the media is only an indication of what is realy going on behind the scenes. I would like to see what scientific studies there are regarding the degrees of traffic officer cruiser visibility! Also, would you like to bet me that there are defammation liability lawsuits threatened about publicly announcing individual highway traffic regulation violations prior to the perpetrator's "day in court" ie. innocent until proven guilty in a court of law! While the media drools for sensational fodder, it would be much better to have a more proffessional presentation of safety enforcement prior to and during holiday long week ends but not limited to those times. Sorry about hijacking the previous thread-- hope this puts it back on track!

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    No problem Ac.

    I total agree with you, but what I want to know is why now????? It's not like this is a new problem. To me, this means cutbacks on the police force again so the thieves can get more travling in.
    All these studies & research is a crock. I wonder whatever happened to using comon sense?

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    Holly made a funny, connecting politics and common sense
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    I spent the day with some L.E.Os today., and was overwhelmed.

    Cutting the safety blitzes has nothing to do with visibility. Mr. Fantino is a no-nonsense officer. His intent is to INCREASE visibility by placing the man-power ON THE ROADS where they will enforce "zero tolerance" ,24/7!!

    You can bet enforcement will be ramped up on holiday weekends, but in between holidays it won't be a ride in the park, either.

    Remember, the OPP still has the Highway Rangers program in effect and it to will be more visible.

    It was stated earlier, Ontario has cruisers now that really are only distinguishable in a crowd if they turn sideways and that reflective blue and gold stripe hits you in the eyeballs. There are just way to many light coloured vehicles on the road now. White, light blue, silver and a very light tan colour are the most predominant, AND the most hard to see in bad weather.

    Those black cars with white doors are going to stick out like a sore thumb at a two-year old's birthday party.
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    Default OPP Changes

    If you want visibility for the cruisers why not a zebra pattern instead of the old holstein? And use a flourescent white paint that lights up in the headlight beams! Also if you want to improve highway safety, use the technology available. Videotape the bad manouvers in traffic from an unmarked chase car and after the court case issue a copy to the Insurance company that is at risk! The worst drivers in N. American all seem to be on 401 within 100 miles of Trawnna. It has to be a holiday long weekend Friday afternoon/eve in Chicago to get this bad. I firmly believe that the lack of enforcement has much to do with it. Ohio does not tolerate such traffic nonsense. Say what you will about Ohio, but by and large their drivers behave, and you know what to expect on the freeways in Cleveland!

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