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Thread: Trucking: Not A "Get Rich Quick" Career.

  1. Default Trucking: Not A "Get Rich Quick" Career.

    Many people come into the trucking industry from other careers with an impression in their minds that they will hit the highway & end up laughing all the way to the bank- turns out the reality is usually different.

    While there is a decent living to be made in trucking, your own financial habits will dictate how successful you are in this- or any- career you choose to get into.

    If a person comes into this industry with any kind of self-induced financial problems & thinks they will dig their way out in no time, they're in for a shock. They need to realize the cause of their financial problems & do something about it. In other words, if a person has a ton of debt that they realistically couldn't afford on the income made during a previous career, their own spending habits may still continue to work against them- even with the additional income they may earn above what they made before.

    Sure, a person can sometimes make more money in the trucking industry than their previous career- but what many don't think about is the fact that it can be expensive to live out on the road- and still send money home to support a family. Bad spending habits & money management skills are all too common these days- especially among quite a few truck drivers & people in other careers.

    If you have one or more of the following problems listed below, you may not make a decent living in this industry:

    *Credit cards that are not consistently paid off- and resulting in a ZERO BALANCE once paid off at the end of the month. (the interest charges add up!).

    *A home mortgage that is more than 25% of your AVERAGE take-home pay.

    *A tendency to use "payday loan services" when money gets tight.

    *Furniture, electronics, and/or appliances bought on a "Rent-To-Own" basis If you couldn't pay for it in CASH you probably didn't really need it anyway wink .

    *No savings account, or very little money in savings. Realistically, a person should have at least enough money in their Savings Account to cover 4-6 months worth of ALL living expenses in case something happens that keeps him/her off the job for a while.

    *The 7-11 Attitude. If you tend to buy food, drinks, & other necessities at a convenience store or truck stop instead of getting what you need during a visit to a grocery store once a week, the "convenience" will cost you mucho dinero!

    *Tendency to eat out often. Meals in truck stop restaurants can be very expensive in comparison to other places, not to mention less healthy for your diet. Many of us carry lunch meats & other stuff to make sandwiches- and some have refrigerators & microwave ovens in their trucks to facilitate preparing & eating a wider variety of food in the comfort of their cab.

    Feel free to add more.
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    You are so right Dave. Any job is what you make it, but in this industry, it's a bit different.
    This job is also, a life style, which many newbees are not informed of before getting into it.
    Your trk becomes your life. You live life by the trk. Your family too has to learn to live this life. If someone isn't in line with this, then you've got trouble.

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