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    Default Verigo Wireless Logbook

    I have been using a new logbook program specifically designed to run on a Cell/PDA. It is Verigo Wireless Logbook and it is found at http://www.verigo.ca

    It is legal aswell, as the new regs allow for it. Here is the additions to the regs.
    Taken from the Canada Gazette, Part II
    Ottawa, Wednesday, November 16, 2005

    Use of Electronic Recording Devices

    83. A driver may use an electronic recording device for recording their duty status if

    (a) the information contained in the electronic recording device is the same as the information that would have been provided if it had been submitted as a daily log in paper format;

    (b) when requested to do so by a director or an inspector, the driver can immediately provide the information for the previous 14 days by producing it on a digital display screen of the electronic recording device or in handwritten form or on a print-out or any other intelligible output, or any combination of these;

    (c) the device is capable of displaying (i) the driving time and other on-duty time for each day on which the device is used, (ii) the total on-duty time remaining and the total on-duty time accumulated in the cycle being followed by the driver, and (iii) the sequential changes in duty status and the time at which each change occurred for each day on which the device is used;

    (d) the driver is capable, if so requested by an inspector, of preparing a handwritten daily log from the information stored in the device for each day on which the device is used;

    (e) the device automatically records when it is disconnected and reconnected and keeps a record of the time and date of these occurrences;

    (f) the device records the time spent in each duty status of the driver;

    (g) any hard copy of the daily log that is generated from the information that is stored in the device is signed on each page by the driver attesting to its accuracy; and

    (h) the motor carrier provides blank daily log forms in the commercial vehicle for the driver’s use.
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    the cost is high with the membership to get logs back and the cost of phone.if it lasts.i going to get the one for laptop it looks cheaper

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