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Thread: toll road in bc

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    Default toll road in bc

    went over the toll road last weekend it sucked.like following a goat trail rough not well plowed snow packed on road only cleared wide enough for one truck in spots.dot made put on chains to go up snow shed hill.had no choice no were to wait and no idea how long take to sand hilll lol.Had brand new chains as last set was no good no way to hook up found that out when went to put on in the pass on I 90.After i got soaked putting on seen a easier way to put on.dolly down trailer unhook pullout put chains on hook back up.live and learn.

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    VSA is the contractor for the Coke from Hope to Kamloops and to the Pennask Summit on 97C. They lost this contract after being fined twice this season. The end of Jan. is the end of them. I do not know who is taking over.

    As for waiting for the chain ups to be removed, forget it. I have seen the chain requirements on for up to 36 hours straight.

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