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    Default Woodies week

    It's a short week because of the holidays, started back on Wednesday.
    First job was to off-load the only trunk trailer (from Friday 29th). Half the load is Thursday/Friday deliveries. Then it's off to Davies Turner at Cumbernauld with the rest of the load (sorry, too dark for photo's. I start at 6:15)

    Then it up to Norbord at Stirling to load for Tilbury;

    After weighing out (43,200 kgs) it's back to the yard to drop the trailer;

    Next, I'm picked up by the Boss and taken across to our Fife depot to get another truck and trailer, then it's back across the Forth Road Bridge;

    A quick look over to admire the Engineering that defines Scotland, the Forth Rail Bridge;

    Then it's back to Norbord again to join the queue to get loaded, for Tilbury again;

    After loading there, it's back down to Davies Turners to collect another two pallets for Dartford (again it's too dark for photo's). Then back to yard to do office work and paperwork for the trunk trailers. Night shift in at 18:45, good I can head home now.

    Thursday morning 5am alarm goes, pick up one of the drivers on way into work, then get stuck into off loading trailers and reloading for delivery. Some of the goods are for Aberdeen and I've subbed them out to Dyce Carriers, he arrives in just as I finish loading my trailer.

    11 Cable reels loaded to his trailer then it's time for a couple of pictures;

    The driver is impressed with his truck, fully automatic gearbox, 540 bhp engine, will hardly need to change gear on the trip to Aberdeen.

    Now it's time for me to hit the road, first drop is a pallet of shoes to Livingston, then a pallet of steel to another drop in Livingston. Then it's out into the country;

    and onto the 'lang Whang' heading for Carnwath;

    A quick call to the customer and she assures me that this is the road I have to follow for the next three miles;

    There's no way this truck is going through the gate so it's a case of parking as far off the road as I can get;

    Then hand ball the cartons off the truck and onto a motorobike and trailer;

    Back on the road again and head into Rutherglen to drop off 4 pallets for a sack manufacturer. Next drop is Bill's tool store in Glasgows famous Barra's market;

    Then it's off across the river Clyde;

    Through the Clyde tunnel, back towards Drumchapel;

    Drop a pallet off at a welding company in Drumchapel then back through the Clyde Tunnel to load at Schenkers depot in Hillington for their depot at Basildon;

    Then back across the Kingston Bridge to Davies Turner to load out for Dartford (too dark again for photo's, roll on summer).

    Back to the yard after loading to do all the paperwork, do some more loading once the last of the drivers are in then it's 7pm and time to head home.

    Friday (hoorah) Do the loading and reloading again, but today it's quiet and I'll be in the office all day unless I get some work to load for tonights trunks. Got the office stuff out of the way but only managed to get one load for tonight, so I'll not need to go out driving. Usual job of doing paperwork for tonights trunk then it's off out to the yard to give it a tidy up (well you wouldn't expect a driver to consider helping keep it tidy!!)

    Oh well roll on next week when we'll be back to doing this five days a week.

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    Thank you so much forthe pic's.
    I love the scenery. I really like the Clyde pic. I couldn't imagine driving on such narrow roads. Do you always load the railers for all the driver's, or is it just slow there too?

    no sir I wasn't speeding, I was qualifying


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    No I always load the trailers, been a long time since I had a driver with the willingness to actually come in on time and give me a hand. Unfortunately it's got to the stage where they know'll I'll do it so why should they bother.

    Sad comment of driving that there are to many drivers out there that want more money for doing less work. My last job was probably the best bunch of drivers I ever worked with but they were longing serving drivers that cared about their Company and their professionalism.

    (guess that was a 'soap-box moment' there, but it was good to get it off my chest. If anybody's offended then they probably fall into the category I'm complaining about)

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