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    I am wondering if you would be able to put the information on your website in regards to missing 8 year old Victoria Stafford. She has been missing from Woodstock, ON since April 8th/09. I will add some links to her story as well as the link to her missing poster. We need to get her face out there so someone might recognize her. This little girl deserves to be home with her parents where she belongs.






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    Great idea Harry.
    She really need's to be found, & returned home.
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    This case has turned from a child abduction to a murder investigation. A 28 year old male and an 18 year old female have been charged with the murder of Tori Stafford.
    The female was a neighbour of the child.
    Police are still searching for the body.
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    Oh my god......poor girl.
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    Tori Stafford's mother: 'I want the killers dead'

    Fri May 22, 11:43 AM

    ST..JOHNS (CBC) - Tara McDonald, the mother of Victoria (Tori) Stafford, has spoken for the first time since the arrest of two people from Woodstock, Ont., in connection with her eight-year-old daughter's abduction and death.

    "My daughter's not coming home. I want the killers dead," McDonald said in an interview with The London Free Press newspaper.

    "I know there are sick and twisted people in the world but I had no idea. I don't want to sound selfish and I wish this on no one, but I sometimes think, why did it have to be my daughter?" she told the Ontario newspaper.

    "To think someone took my daughter and then I can't even think about it," she said.

    McDonald flashed anger when asked about her treatment by police investigators. "The three times I was interviewed by police, they said, 'We know it's you,' " McDonald said, adding that she was told she was the prime suspect.

    On another occasion, her 11-year-old son Daryn was apparently interviewed without a parent or family member present. McDonald said he was subjected to horrible suggestions and cried all night.McDonald said she isn't sure what to do about the treatment she and her family received. "I don't know what I'm going to do about it, but I'm going to do something about it," McDonald vowed. "I don't want anyone else to have to go through this."

    As Friday dawned, police were continuing their search for the body of Tori, who was abducted from outside her school on April 8.

    On Wednesday, Terry-Lynne McClintic, 18, and Michael Thomas C.S. Rafferty, 28, of Woodstock were charged with Tori's abduction and killing.

    Rafferty was charged with abduction and first-degree murder, while McClintic was charged with abducting the child, assisting Rafferty in escaping the area and being an accessory to murder after the fact.

    A day later, McClintic was seen crouched in the back of an unmarked police car near Fergus, north of Guelph, where police have concentrated their search for Victoria's body.\

    McClintic's reason for helping police in their search is simple, according to her lawyer, Jeanine E. LeRoy. "She wants everyone to know that the reason she's doing this is because she feels that she has an obligation to do this to bring Tori home to the family. And she said to me that she's not doing this for any of her own benefit, she really wants to do this to bring Tori home," said LeRoy, speaking to CBC News from London.

    LeRoy said her client is "co-operating fully" with police.

    CBC News has learned that there have been at least two attempted abductions of children in the area near where police are searching for the body.

    Students attending schools in the Fergus area were sent home with a note warning their parents to be on the lookout for a dark-coloured vehicle, following the two attempted abductions.

    In her interview with the Free Press, McDonald also added information about her relationship with McClintic. She said she had visited the apartment of McClintic's mother, Carol, on about three occasions to discuss dog breeding.

    McDonald said Terry-Lynne McClintic was in the apartment one time, but according to McDonald she was so high on drugs she barely noticed her presence. Both McClintic and Rafferty are scheduled to make their next court appearance on May 28.
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