Stoops Specialty Trucks to Unveil New 150 Inch Model of Its Successful Line of Custom Integrated Sleepers at LandStar BCO Appreciation Days in Jacksonville on January 25 through 27

January 2, 2007 –

Building on its successful line of integrated custom sleeper cab conversions, Stoops Specialty Trucks (SST) in Fort Wayne, Indiana, will unveil its latest model at the BCO Appreciation Days in Jacksonville Florida on January 25 through 27. The new model, the SST150 is the largest production integrated sleeper ever built and will feature a molded shower/toilet and a 54” bed that folds up into a Dyna Bunk. It is mounted on a 2007 Freightliner Coronado tractor powered by a 515 Detroit Diesel with an Eaton 13 speed transmission.The new Raised Roof models are designed to improve aerodynamics for tractor-trailer applications as well as straight truck applications. The improved aerodynamics will lower the drag coefficient for improved fuel economy. The taller roof also increases the interior height to give the driver additional comfort and storage space.

Stoops Specialty Trucks has partnered with Bentz Transport Products (Bentz) in Fort Wayne, Indiana to design and manufacture an exclusive line of fully integrated custom sleepers for the Freightliner Columbia, Century S/T, and Coronado models.
According to SST Sales Manager, Jeff Jones, this program was developed in response to a market demand for larger, fully integrated, upscale sleepers on Class 8 tractors and straight trucks.

The engineering and tooling efforts required for this new sleeper program were significant according to Keith Bentz, President of Bentz. “This is the first production fully integrated custom sleeper brought to market. It is also the largest integrated sleeper available. The design and fit-and-finish result in a product with factory appearance combined with all of the features of a custom sleeper,” says Bentz.

Targeted to husband and wife teams in the tractor/trailer and expediter truck market segments, upscale features such as bigger beds, larger refrigerators, auxiliary power units and shower/toilet accommodations are offered. The SST Conversions on the Columbia, Century S/T, and Coronado tractors are designed to offer large and luxurious accommodations in a lightweight package. The SST100IS1XT on the Columbia CL112 straight truck chassis is designed to meet expediter requirements for a 22’ van body within a 40’ overall length.The roof is low enough to allow a refrigeration unit to be installed above the sleeper for highly specialized climate control applications.

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