If your engine suddenly loses oil pressure, immediately push in the clutch, shut the engine off and steer the truck to the shoulder of the road. Stop as far away from the traffic lanes as possible and put your warning triangles out immediately.

Do not try to restart the engine. The idea here is to not cause any more costly damage to your truck’s engine than what may already be done. If you made it to a safe place off the road, then you can do the following:

• Check the engine oil level to see if it’s OK.

• If it’s not OK, check to see if the oil filters or drain plug may have worked their way loose or busted open.

• If the filter(s) just worked their way loose, then you can call a road-service truck out to replace your oil filters or drain plug and top off your oil.

• If that isn’t the problem, then you will need to call a tow truck to come get you and tow your truck to the respective engine dealer to get it checked out and repaired.

By Jeff Barke