Ok GANG. Here's the deal. Let's try and keep your pictures in one place. IN some sort of file system.

Any problems contact hellcat or myself and we'll sort em out.

How about we all use : Truckstop Canada Photo Galleries

Once you are on the page you will see:

Album list
Last uploads
Last comments
Most viewed
Top rated
My Favorites
[Scroll on the @ sign and another menu will appear. Click on Register or Login

Make sure you register in our gallery.

You will not be able to upload pictures until we activate your account. You can let Beanie know that you need it activated if we don’t get to it right away.

Upload your picture:
1. Login

Under the "@ " is another floating,hidden menu.

2. Click on the “upload file” in red on the upper right part of the page
3. In the “files to upload” space click on browse and look for where you have
Saved your picture on your computer.
4. Click on Open (you can do up to 5 uploads at one time)
5. Click on “Continue”
6. “files uploaded successfully” click “Continue”
7. “album” - click on the arrow to select which album you want to put it in
8. “file title” - always put a title to your pictures
9. “Successfully Placed” - click “Continue”
10. Click on “Last Uploads” on the top right in red
11. Find your picture click on it
12. Right mouse click on the picture
13. Go to “properties”
14. Copy the whole line that says location
15. Then paste it in your post
16. Highlight the link you posted and then click on the "Img" button
************************************************** **********