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    There was this drunk who always seemed to get lost on his way back home from the bar every night. Since his wife hated that he went out every night, she refused to help him get back home.

    One day we he was sober, he got smart and decided to look around at things that would help him remember his way home.

    He thought to himself:

    There is the light post where I should turn right...
    and there is my front door with the numbers 123 on it...
    and there is the stairs that I should go up...
    and there is the picture of the flowers on the wall in my bedroom...
    and there is my wife in my bed waiting for me...

    After practicing a few times, the drunk went out that night to his favorite bar. After drinking heavily he took a look at his watch and decided that he should head home. On his way home, he remembered his plan. He thought to himself...

    There's the light post...

    Oh, and there is my front door with the numbers 123 on it...

    Here's the stairs...

    There's the picture of the flowers...

    And...oh look, its me in my bed next to my wife...

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    no sir I wasn't speeding, I was qualifying


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