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Thread: Dead parrot?

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    Default Dead parrot?

    A woman brought a limp parrot into the Vet’s office. He took one look at it and said, sorry but it’s dead.

    How can you be so sure, she said, you’ve not even examined it.

    So the Vet went out and came in with a large black Labrador dog which jumped up on the table, sniffed the parrot all over, looked away with sad eyes and left, tail between its legs.

    Next, the vet brought in a cat who did much the same thing.

    The Vet then handed the woman a bill for $1500. The woman asked how the fee was so high. The Vet replied - well, if you’d accepted my opinion, it would have been $100; but with a Lab Report and a Cat Scan, it’s now $1500.
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