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    I remember this was discussed a few of years ago but for those who travel to the US on a regular basis do you buy a SIM from a US provider if so which one do you use. I currently use my current provider (Koodo) which charges $8/day up to $100/month.

    My company reimburses me for my monthly bill and they were quite shocked when my $45/month US plan now cost $100. Looking for options and wonder what you use.

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    In terms of coverage I found Verizon to be the best. Price, however, that depends on the plan you need. I had the $40 unlimited talk & text with 2 gigs of data. (Prepaid plan).

    I've since got a better plan through Telus and no longer run two phones. My current plan is unlimited Can/US talk & text with 10 gigs of data for $100.21 (CDN) a month. My employer throws me $25 for using it for work purposes so I've got that plan for really only $75/month.
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