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Thread: FGM Truck Lines-Bolton Ont.

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    Default FGM Truck Lines-Bolton Ont.

    If you're here reading this I imagine you've read the other thread from a few years ago. What is in past, is the past.

    I went back in 2017 and the place has changed.
    There are no more out of pocket expenses. They've got transponders for tolls, mpg & safety bonuses, an account at the Beacon, phone allowance and I believe you can still get a float for on-road incidentals. Pay is always in the bank and on time. Most of the fleet has been updated and they stay on top of the maintenance (in house mechanic). There are a few 379's if that's your thing. The majority of the work is dry van LTL, the boys are good at keeping you moving and most of the time your picks are set up before you empty out. They will work with you to get you to house regularly.
    Are they perfect? No, who is? But I would say they are well above most of the fleets in the GTA.
    My stint ended because of my home life.

    The owner is a good man, his "door" is always open. Last year I got in some sh!t at another outfit and it ultimately cost me my ability to cross the border. He reached out to me right after it happened and I went back to run around the GTA doing hourly local work which was fun for me. He didn't have to say or do anything but he did and that is worth something. The only issue with this was that my personal vehicle was junk and I got tired of laying on the side of the 401 pulling prop shafts and wrenching on it all weekend just to get back to Bolton on Mondays....rinse and repeat. That was and is the only time I have regretted leaving a job, we did remedy our vehicle situation after the fact.

    These are my experiences with FGM in the last couple years.

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    Default Re: FGM Truck Lines-Bolton Ont.

    Thanks for this, Franx.
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    Default Re: FGM Truck Lines-Bolton Ont.

    Happy it worked out for you
    You can't fix stupid

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