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    So life has taken a massive downturn. Last week I began to feel strange in my legs and feet but I left to go to Clavet, SK on Tuesday to deliver my load. When I arrived I began to feel weak and tired at even the simplest tasks. I let my dispatch know and they were planning a few hours off at the end of my next load. I made it clear that I needed more, I needed to get home and see a doctor ASAP!

    I was finally pointed towards home on Wednesday evening and my wife met me and took me to Brandon Hospital (MB). There I was (wrongly) diagnoses with a viral infection and sent home at 3:00am!

    On Friday morning I was feeling much worse and called our Health Links line in Manitoba to get advice. When I told my symptoms, I was told to get to hospital ASAP. Which I did.

    I went to Dauphin Hospital emergency and was really winded when I arrived. I was placed in a wheelchair and waited. Eventually I needed to use the bathroom and tried to stand and couldn’t. I was rolled into the bathroom and I reached for the handicap bar to pull myself up and ended up on the floor. After being rescued by two nurses, I was moved to the top of the emergency room list.

    Eventually I was admitted to hospital without diagnosis because I couldn’t walk anymore. Unfortunately it was a Friday in a small city hospital, so very little happened until Monday. I was given a CT Scan and a Lumbar Puncture and finally got a diagnosis of Gillian-Barre Syndrome, a rare degenerative neurological illness.

    The treatment is an infusion of synthetic blood products (IGIV) over five days. Yesterday morning prior to my first treatment I had lost use of my hands and arms. Luckily overnight that has returned. Today I had my second treatment and I await the results.

    The prognosis is good. I’m otherwise healthy and that’s a big bonus. But there’s no quick fix. Getting back to “normal “ could take anywhere from six months to thee years! My hope is the shorter time but that’s not in my hands.

    As you may know, I have an incredible faith in God and I have put my recovery in His hands. If it’s in you to pray, I’d appreciate prayers for myself and family, and if not just happy thoughts.

    Thanks for reading


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    You get the happy thoughts, they are with you from here. Keep the faith, both in your God and in the medicos that are seeing to you. We have a lot of talented, knowledgeable, dedicated health care pros in Canada and it sounds like you have landed in the midst of some. Take Care.
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    I certainly wish you the quickest and best recovery possible.

    For those of you not familiar with Guillain-Barre syndrome HERE IS A LINK

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    I hope you get your health back very fast. My prayers are with you and your family.
    Please keep us informed when possible.

    The best wishes

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    Get well soon, Manitoba Trucker. Thinking about you.

    Good luck.
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    Hoping for a speedy recovery; it sounds like you're already headed in the right direction.
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