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Thread: Ticket advice needed

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    Default Ticket advice needed

    Looking for help to help son with crazy ticket.

    He was new on the crew and offered to drive back to shop. They were driving company truck pulling a loaded trailer and crossed a small bridge that the company had been using all week. A Peace officer was on other side of bridge. Just as they crossed the bridge the Peace Officer pulled them over and made them go a different route and around to the scales. The truck and trailer were over limit for the bridge. As a result my son got a $5785.oo fine for driving across the bridge over the bridge weight limit.

    Why do they get away with that if they think it is unsafe for the bridge?

    Anyone have suggestions how to fight this ticket that he cannot afford?

    Thanks everyone,


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    Default Re: Ticket advice needed

    Get a lawyer or representation from someone who specializes in such matters.

    It's a crappy situation, but a common ploy and unfortunately your son just learned a hard lesson. If he has the licence to drive, he better be sure of what he's doing. I expect he's very new, very green, untrained and thought he was doing a good thing. Has the company stepped up to support him, or have they left him hanging?

    As for the "safety" aspect; bridges are signed for the working load and based on the expected lifetime of the bridge. Many can be loaded in excess of the signed weight on an occasional basis, but it has to be permitted.
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    Was there signage on bridge with weight limits? I'd get advise from lawyer regardless to see if a cheaper alternative is possible.

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