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Thread: Axis Enterprises, AB Beach, AB

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    Default Axis Enterprises, AB Beach, AB

    Watch our for a guy named Perry, running a few trucking out of Alberta Beach, calls himself "Axis Enterprises"

    He went through 9 drivers in the space of 4 months hauling logs in Whitecourt. Can't get anyone to drive for him, put guys behind the wheel that went off in the ditch empty on the pavement in good weather, a real hazard to everyone out there. One driver went to the mill 8tonnes overweight just to spite him and get him a big fine! How would you like to be driving the other direction on a logging road coming up to one of these Axis guys?

    He cheated every single guy out of pay. One guy he conned into hanging around with no work at the end of the season was stupid enough to help him out with mechanical issues on his truck. Perry didn't even understand why a blocked vent line would make him run out of fuel when one tank was still full! Helped him retorque every wheel, grease, all in a parking lot. The bum didn't even pay the driver. On top of that he had the nerve to issue a T4 to CRA showing that he paid!!?? What kind of a clown does that!!?? Had to demand a copy of the cancelled check before he changed the T4 to show he didn't pay.

    Worst of all Perry is one of these clowns that calls the RCMP and claims he's being harassed when people try to get the money he owes them. You know the type, Alberta tough guy, threatens people has a lot to say about integrity and so on, but when it comes time to pay, doesn't answer the phone.

    On top of it all this guy is nothing but ***** ***** *****, all ****** off cause he's not making a million dollars hauling gravel in Fr Mac and figures he can take it out on the drivers.

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    Default Re: Axis Enterprises, AB Beach, AB

    Perry Shrigley?
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    There's a nap for that.

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