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    In July 2016 I was looking for a new GPS to replace my regular car Garmin GPS that I always used. I did some research and found that the Garmin Truck GPS and Rand McNally TND 730 were rated very similar online. I had a lot of points built up at Flying J and checked both of them out there. Both were listed about the same price, BUT the Rand McNally had a $100 (US) rebate. So I ended up with it. Total out of pocket cost to me after rebate was less than $100 (CAN) due to the number of points and the rebate. The list price was $599.

    I've used a Garmin always in the past so there were some growing pains due to the different interfaces, but some of the differences really began to get annoying once I became familiar with it. The speaker is very quiet and hard to hear in a noisy truck. Volume is always as high as possible, but still hard to hear. Curve warnings are inconsistant, tells you "right curve ahead" and road is straight, or says "right curve ahead" and road curves left. Got to be so annoying that I turned it off.

    As I added my own personal points of interest (parking, fuel, etc) I found that I couldn't search along my route for my POIs like I could with Garmin. You can find them only by searching all your marked POIs.

    These things were annoying, but more frustrating is the reliability. Last summer when the unit was about a year old, it would suddenly power off and not restart, even though it was plugged in. I tried all sorts of things and then called the support line. They told me it was a faulty power supply and sent me a new one. I still had the same issue, so they had me ship the unit back to them. The internal battery was fried and in the process it had killed the GPS unit, so they replaced it with a new one. Luckily they were able to transfer all my data to the new unit.

    Now just after Christmas, my unit would suddenly stop finding satellites. Again I called support and they told me how to reset it and miraculously it worked again. But whenever the unit was turned off for the weekend, it would not find the satellites again unless you reset it, which was a long annoying process. This went on for about 3 weeks and then one time it wouldn't reset. So again I called support and again the unit was shipped back to them.

    Thats where it stands today, the unit is on the way to Kentucky to be repaired/replaced again and I'm without the unit.

    For me its a tool that I use with maps and commonsense. Mainly the GPS is used for ETA to customers and not so much for routing. I know many of you don't use or like GPS but it works for me.

    The end result of this is that I would highly NOT recommend anyone buy a Rand McNally GPS. They should stick to printing maps. If I had my choice I'd go back to a Garmin in a second.

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    And just received notice that my GPS is unrepairable and a new one has been shipped. This is number three.

    Seems like the life of the unit is one year or less.


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