Agent sniffs out 77 illegal immigrants crammed into a sweaty truck after their BODY ODOR gives them away in second massive truck bust at Mexican border this week

  • A total of 77 illegal immigrants were found packed inside the cargo area of a truck in California on Monday
  • Authorities noticed 'strong body odor' coming from inside the sweltering truck
  • The driver was arrested after admitting to being paid to transport the people
  • In an incident on Friday, 76 illegal immigrants were discovered in Texas
  • Semitrailer was stopped in checkpoint's primary lane and driver was questioned
  • His rig was kept for inspection, and agents found immigrants inside the trailer

A California traffic stop of a truck was discovered to be hauling 77 illegal immigrants packed inside the sweltering cargo area on Monday.

It is the second such truck stop in a week, on Friday a truck was discovered carrying 76 immigrants in Texas.
The incident unfolded after a California Highway Patrol officer pulled the truck over after observing it weaving and without tags on Old Highway 80 in Boulevard on Monday. A US Boarder Patrol Agent patrolling the area in an unmarked car asked the officer if he needed assistance.
The agent noticed the truck was riding 'extremely low' and observed the smell of body odor and and a pungent soap used in Mexico. Inside, five children were found among the group being smuggled.

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