In an effort to boost eco-friendly vehicles on the road, the government of Ontario, Canada has introduced a new rebate program for trucking companies, Reuters reports.

The Green Commercial Vehicle Program (GCVP), offers companies rebates of up to $75,000 (CAN), for buying an electric semi truck, like the new one introduced by Tesla. Buyers can be reimbursed for up to 60% of the purchase price, capped out at $75,000 per vehicle. The government has, however, only set aside $12 million for the program, ending in March 2018.

“Although there is no limit on the number of alternative fuel commercial motor vehicles or fuel saving devices that an applicant may apply for,” A spokesperson for the Canadian Ministry of Transport told The Drive, “Payment of incentives will be subject to the availability of funds and GCVP policy objectives, which may change over time.”
According to the Ministry of Transportation:

“The Green Commercial Vehicle Program (GCVP) is an incentive-based program for the commercial transportation sector, where incentives are provided upon proof of purchase as outlined below:
-For the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles such as electric, natural gas or diesel-natural gas dual fuel vehicles, incentive amounts range from 15-50% of the incremental purchase cost of an eligible vehicle as compared to an equivalent conventional fuel vehicle.

-For fuel saving devices, the incentive amount is 30-50% of the purchase and installation cost, of the aerodynamic device, anti-idling device or electric refrigeration unit.”
A list of approved fuel-saving devices is available on the ministry’s website. Tesla’s Chinese rival BYD, is also making electric semis. BYD has received a government subsidy to open a factory in Ontario. BYD will manufacture 900 electric vehicles at the Canadian facility within the next five years.

Canadian companies have already jumping on the electric big rig bandwagon, with retailer Loblaw, leading the way by pre-ordering a test market of trucks for their fleet. Ontario has set a commitment to reduce greenhouse gases by 80%, by the year 2050. Using electric semis is one of the initiatives to help reach those goals.

Tesla has been making industry waves with its new electric semi to hit the market in 2019. They are showcasing prototypes, and so far have pre-sold nearly 500 units. Some of their other pre-order clients include Pepsi, UPS, Was-Mart, and Anheuser Busch.

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