Florida fisherman Alex Newman took part in the Third Annual Offshore Rodeo Fishing Tournament as a way to help raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities Southwest Florida.
Little did he know, he would wind up with his biggest catch ever—and one that might be a world record.

According to Michael Braun of the News-Press, Newman pulled in a possible record-breaking grouper near the end of his time on the water Saturday. The grouper weighed in at 124.18 pounds, measured in at 57 inches and had a girth of 48 inches.

Per Braun, the current record for a black grouper is 124 pounds, set back in 2003.

Initially, Newman and his crew didn't think the fish would wind up being so large.

"But when we were lifting it up, we couldn't lift it," Newman said, per Braun. "I fish the Gulf a lot. This is the biggest fish I've caught. When that thing popped up, it was like a dinosaur."

This tournament ended up being a great success. Not only did the tournament help raise money for charity, but it may now be able to claim a world record.

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