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Thread: Ice Road Truckers (TV Series)

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    Quote Originally Posted by buzzy View Post
    You going to show Hugh how to drive like a professional?
    Somedy should...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmaduke View Post
    Fake TV. It actually has very little to about ice roads unless your talking about pavement with ice on it. I would stay very clear of these people if you intend on staying in the trucking game. If you filmed what a day actually is like, you'd just change the channel before you fell asleep. They take bits and pieces and splice and edit to make scenes that never happened making the driver look like a idiot, to us. One scene of Daryl come to mind when/whenever he meets a truck he seems to lose control. Its done in a parking area and pulls the spike and they film the trailer slide. What I see is Jesus Christ Daryl there was over 20 feet of space between you, you better stay off sesame street you'd never make it to Hearst. Haven't made it too season 8 yet, don't think I will as I have another project to do. Its just entertainment nothing more, it blows me away that it gets that much attention, but now people from all over have this on a bucket list and from the looks of it has cheapened the money that can be made. Guess I went on a rant.
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    You're just saying what anyone with any integrity in this industry would say.

    I`ve always contended this show was another BLACK MARK against true professional drivers.
    You can't fix stupid

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