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    helo there i was wondering if any drivers or radio operators new were i could pick up a whip for a wilson 1000 in calgary or edmonton as im flying into calgary in january goin to be bringing a radio with me see if i can get some contacts in the mobile also bringing the base for awilson 1000 so i will need to pick up a whip thanks ciaran.....

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    Any trk stop will have them. Some have a CB guy on the lot.

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    any metal whip will work 3 to 5 foot depending on what you need for height then work on the trimming for match...
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    Default Wilson 1000 antennas.

    Irish Trucker,if your interested I have for sale a brand new still in the package K30 magnet mount antenna.It has a 3-4 foot steel whip and magnet base.It's the smaller version of the K40 antenna which have a good reputation.I'll let it go for $30.00 Canadian.If interested let me know through a PM.

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